On its 150th anniversary in 2003 Auckland Choral established the Auckland Choral Foundation, a registered charitable trust, to help advance the choir’s  work through advocacy, publicity, education and fundraising not just in Auckland but within the New Zealand choral music environment in its entirety.

The Auckland Choral Foundation has been established as a registered charitable trust. This endowment fund disburses funds by way of grants, scholarships, internships, new commissions or otherwise. It is also a catalyst to develop singing for talented people with visual impairment or other disabilities. If you enjoyed choral singing why not actively contribute to help “future-proof” Auckland Choral to continue to flourish?

Our vision

To provide an endowment fund large enough to ensure that Auckland Choral will "keep singing forever".


The work of the Auckland Choral Foundation

Keep Auckland Singing

Make an investment for the future of Auckland Choral 

Auckland Choral Foundation actively seeks gifts, donations and bequests, large or small, from benefactors who wish to assist with the choir’s long-term success. Choose a way to contribute that suits you or your business circumstances.


Donations are tax deductible. All donations are received tax-free in the hands of the Foundation, and all earnings generated from investing donations are tax-free.  


Make a gift in your will

Auckland Choral Foundation strategically invest their funds under the aegis of the Auckland Communities Foundation to ensure the endowment can continue to grow forever.  A donation or bequest to our charity is a gift that will keep generations singing into the future. Please read our bequest information booklet here.

We value your financial support, large or small, by one-off donation, regular automatic payments of small amounts or by bequest. You have several options to contribute via the Auckland Communities Foundation which administers the Auckland Choral Foundation Fund:

Automatic payments: One-off or regular donations can be made to Auckland Communities Foundation 12-3028-0714703-00. Please ensure you add your name and reference “Auckland Choral”, then send your name and address details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donations by Cheque: Please post your cheque made out to “Auckland Communities Foundation” (reference Auckland Choral Foundation) and post to Auckland Communities Foundation, PO Box 26087, Epsom, Auckland 1344


Donations by Credit Card: Visit www.aucklandcf.org.nz and select “donate online”. Enter your details and select the fund “Auckland Choral Foundation” from the drop-down menu.

For further information about any of these options please contact us:

  • email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • phone Christine Keller Smith, Chair of Auckland Choral Foundation, tel: 021 1409 021
  • write to The Treasurer, Auckland Choral Foundation, PO Box 7228, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141

Tax receipts will be issued after 31 March (automatic payments) or after date of receipt (individual donation). Please make sure you provide us with your name and address as YOUR DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Thank you for your generosity

The Auckland Choral Foundation gratefully acknowledges their contributors and donors:

Founding Members

  • Estate of PB Gibbons
  • John Stevenson 

HALLELUJAH ($10’000+)

  • Dame Jenny Gibbs
  • Estate of MR Barkla
  • Peter & Noela Gibbons
  • R&H Waters
  • The Wallace Arts Trust

ELATION   ($5’000 +) 

  • David & Genevieve Becroft Foundation
  • Sylvia K Rosevear


PRAISE ($1000+)

  • Don Currey
  • A&C Robertson
  • Selwyn Robinson Foundation
  • Bruce & Sandy McLean
  • Kenneth Cornish
  • Michael J Taylor
  • AM Tretter Trust
  • Athena Trust
  • P Wilson & G McGechan
  • Traude Leibbrand
  • Anonymous (4) 

GLORY  (Pledged Bequests)


  • David Hamilton
  • Sylvia K Rosevear
  • Jean McNee
  • Anonymous 

We also thank our monthly automatic payment donors whose contributions add up to a significant figure over time, no matter how small each month. 


Our people

Our people are you, the generous donors and the Foundation Board trustees.


The Foundation Board of Trustees

Our passionate team of experienced and involved board members give generously give of their time and skills as volunteers.


Christine Keller Smith (Chair)

Christine joined the Auckland Choral Foundation Board while a Vice-President of the Auckland Choral Society but she is not a member of the choir, her interest in choral music comes from a background in community development. She talks about the honour of serving such a prestigious choir for the good of the city, the nation and even [when really high-minded] for civilisation as a whole. 

She has observed first hand the cohesive effect of New Zealand. She admires this wonderful organisation run by volunteers who are also gifted singers.

Her professional life includes running Community Education Programmes in the Bay of Plenty and Franklin regions for 12 years before taking on the inaugural role of Alumni Director at The University of Auckland [1989 - 2004] followed by Alumni Director at the Australian National University. [2004 - 2010].


Craig Prosser (Treasurer)

Craig has been a trustee of the Foundation since 2013. His background is in finance and he currently works as a Finance Executive for a private equity firm. Craig is
responsible for all the financial transactions undertaken by the Foundation and is responsible for preparing the year end accounts and reporting requirements required by the Charities Services.

Craig also works closely with the Auckland Communities Foundation with whom we have a partnership and together are working hard to fund choral singing in Auckland and New Zealand. Craig is not a member of the Auckland Choral, but does like to follow a base line in his local church’s choir.


John Stevenson

John enjoys choral singing and has been a singing member of Auckland Choral for 30 years. He has been fully involved in the society throughout that time serving for 20 years on the Auckland Choral Management Committee, much of that time as Deputy Chairman of the committee, and for several years as Chairman of the Finance subcommittee.

John is a  current Trustee of both Auckland Choral and Auckland Choral Foundation, the latter as a founding supporter.

Warwick Mitchell

Warwick brings over thirty years involvement in choral singing and over twenty years in management of choral organisations including Royal Christchurch Musical Society, Christchurch City Choir and over the last 23 years with Auckland Choral.  He is a current singing member and past Chairman of nine years for Auckland Choral and is a Trustee of four other “not for profit” organisations.

Warwick's business background includes thirty years as a senior executive specialising in sales and marketing for the Post Haste Limited group. Warwick joined the board in 2014 with the intent of sharing his extensive experience in choral administration, marketing and fund raising.



Traude Leibbrand

Traude has been a choral singer since 1998 and she is a past Chair of Auckland Choral. In this role she has been instrumental in updating the way the organisation operates and she has learnt valuable lessons about running a voluntary, community based organisation - something she has great interest in.  As a health professional running her own business, she is aware of the many positive effects that choral singing has on one's wellbeing - physically, mentally and socially. 

In 2015 she was invited to become a trustee of the Auckland Choral Foundation, a role in which she can continue to actively contribute to develop and nurture choral singing in New Zealand, and Auckland Choral in particular.


Beverley Rogers 

A singing member of Auckland Choral for 12 years, Beverley has enjoyed a lifetime of involvement in the performing arts and has sung with many choirs throughout New Zealand.  She has the choir’s best interests at heart, and as Chair of the Management Committee is committed to its success to offer performances of excellence and to bringing choral music to the wider community of the Auckland region both now and in the future.

Beverley’s commitment to community service over the years has extended across a wide spectrum having served on and chaired a number of charitable organisations trusts. She will bring value to the Foundation as a trustee with her significant experience in governance as well as her profession of event management.

To ensure the ongoing viability of the choir, Beverley is pleased to be a member of the Foundation, where she will work with other trustees to build on the strong financial foundation and develop ongoing investment growth.


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